Airbnb HQ a Notion Template

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Say goodbye to scattered Excel files and multiple tools, and enjoy seamless Airbnb management with real-time updates and automated workflows.


Enhance your Airbnb management experience with Airbnb HQ, the Notion template designed to streamline and simplify the operation of your Airbnb units. Whether you manage properties for single or multiple owners, Airbnb HQ provides essential tools to manage your operations fully.

General Features:

  • Bookings: Organize and manage all your reservations efficiently.

  • Units: Keep a detailed record of all your properties with crucial information.

  • Guests: Store complete guest information and stay histories.

  • Inventory: Track the items in each unit in detail.

  • Housekeeping: Manage daily cleaning and maintenance tasks.

  • Suppliers: Manage contact information and services for all your suppliers.

  • Finance: Monitor all financial transactions for complete control of income and expenses.

  • Guest Handbook: Provide guests with guides and critical information for their stay.

  • Team: Coordinate your team.

  • Documents: Store and organize all essential documents in one place.

  • Status Center: Keep track of the status of each unit (occupied, available, under maintenance).


  • Centralized Management: All your properties and tasks in one place.

  • Guest Feedback: Collect and analyze feedback to continuously improve guest experiences.

  • Financial Insights: Get clear information about your income and expenses to optimize profits.

  • Segmented Financial Tracking: Track income and expenses by owner for transparent financial management.

  • Owner-Specific Dashboards: Separate views and dashboards for each owner to keep information organized.

Available Versions:

  • Airbnb HQ: Single Owner

    • Streamline the management of multiple Airbnb units for a single owner effortlessly.

  • Airbnb HQ: Multiple Owners

    • Efficiently manage multiple Airbnb units for various owners with ease—separate views and dashboards for each owner to keep information organized.

Why Choose Airbnb HQ?

Say goodbye to scattered Excel sheets and multiple tools. Airbnb HQ consolidates all aspects of your property management into one intuitive system, helping you save time and reduce errors. It's designed to adapt, whether you're an independent host managing your properties, a host managing properties for others, or an agency managing portfolios for multiple owners.

Who Can Benefit from This Template?

  • Airbnb Owners: Owners who manage their own Airbnb units.

  • Property Owners: Owners who want a tool to oversee their properties managed by others.

  • Airbnb Managers: Professionals who manage Airbnb units for single or multiple owners.

  • Agencies: Property management companies for various owners.

One-Time Payment, Lifetime Use:

Save money by replacing monthly subscriptions for online management tools with this one-time payment Notion Airbnb management template.

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