Notion Sleep Tracker

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The Sleep Tracker is designed to help you track your nights, assess the quality of your sleep, and capture your dreams.


Accurately track and evaluate your nights with the Sleep Tracker Notion template.

Are you often confused about how much time you spend asleep and how to capture your dreams?

The Sleep Tracker can help you solve this problem! Use this template to track your nights, evaluate the quality of your sleep, and capture your dreams.

Track your sleep and improve its quality.

Track your sleep from bedtime to wake up, evaluate its quality, and receive monthly summaries of your sleep patterns.

Write down your dreams and understand yourself.

Capture your dreams, whether they are normal, nightmares, lucid, or symbolic. Translate their emotions and use them to gain insight into yourself.

What's included?

  • a space to track your sleep time, quality, and get summaries

  • a space to capture your dreams and understand yourself better

  • + a free guide to fully catch the template features