Automated Student Dashboard - C.G.P.A.

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Automation Notes System for Student!


Discover a meticulously designed template to revolutionize your student life. This pre-built Notion dashboard simplifies class management, consolidates course notes, and organizes assignments, empowering you to excel effortlessly. Transform your academic journey with streamlined efficiency and unparalleled organization.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automated Date Scheduling Procedures: Effortlessly manage semester start dates, 1st and 2nd semester breaks with automated scheduling.

  • Course Management with Analytical Dashboard: Keep track of your courses through a comprehensive analytical dashboard.

  • Assignment, Presentation, Exam - Task Tracker, Scheduler: Efficiently track and schedule assignments, presentations, and exams with a dedicated task tracker.

  • Fully Automated Deadline Counter: Stay on top of your tasks with a fully automated deadline counter ensuring you never miss a due date.

  • Task Management with Group Assignment, Individual Assignment, and Exam Template: Organize and manage various tasks, including group assignments, individual assignments, and exams with dedicated templates.

  • Group Assignment Template with Task Allocator and Meeting Notes: Simplify group assignments with task allocation and meeting notes management.

  • Tasks Overview, Progress Tracker, Reminders: Get a holistic view of your tasks, track progress, and set reminders for important deadlines.

  • Weekly Notes Management: Efficiently manage your weekly notes in one centralized location.

  • Assignment Tool Management: Streamline your assignment tools for smoother workflows.

  • Quick View for Mobile: Access your hub effortlessly with a quick view optimized for mobile devices.