Ultimate Startup Collection

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A dashboard of 32 Notion templates tailored specifically for startups and entrepreneurs


Introducing the "Ultimate Startup Collection" – an all-encompassing toolkit tailored specifically for startups. The collection features a curated selection of 32 essential Notion templates designed to help you set actionable goals, streamline project management, and fast-track product launches. From MVP ideation to competitive analysis and customer journey mapping, each template is constructed to guide your startup through its most critical phases.

  • Included Notion Templates (25): Goals, Signals & Measures, OKRs, Strategic Plan, Vision to Values, Elevator Pitch, Project Kickoff, 2x2 Prioritisation Matrix, MVP Ideation, Product Launch, Product Roadmap, Product Requirements, Project Plan, Competitive analysis, Customer Interview Report, Customer Journey Mapping, SMART Goals, Capacity Planning, Daily Stand Up, Roles and Responsibilities, Remote Team Meeting, Weekly Meeting Notes, Change Management Plan, Master Project Documentation, Startup Pitch Deck, Retrospective

  • Advanced Notion Templates (7): Strategic Plan, Project Kickoff, Product Launch, Product Requirements, Project Plan, Change Management Plan, Master Project Documentation

Why choose this collection?

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: All bases, from planning to execution, are covered.

  2. Scalability: Templates are designed to grow with your startup.

  3. Collaborative Synergy: Foster a culture of collective intelligence with templates focused on team involvement.

  4. Strategic Focus: Keep your eye on the bigger picture without losing sight of the nitty-gritty details.

  5. Time Efficiency: Minimise time spent on administrative tasks, redirecting focus to what really matters – growth.