Usability Testing Planner

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Moderated Usability Testing Planner for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and busy designers


This is the resource I wish I had when I started conducting usability tests. The goal of this test planner is to help your business identify and fix issues early in the design and development process, reducing the cost of a bad user experience or unnecessary changes later on.

With numerous tests under my belt, I got you covered from setup to analysis, so you can focus on your product. I’m confident that this planner will be a positive return of investment for your growing business.

What's inside:

  • Start usability testing with professional guidance, checklists, and templates that walk you through the entire process and help you learn the usability test fundamentals.

  • Practical scenarios and examples to inspire your testing process and help you apply practices in your own projects.

  • Intuitive test planner that captures your goals, key metrics, hypothesis, and test flows.

  • Participant database to manage user profiles, plan session timeline, and document observations using a template for notes.

  • Usability report template that help you classify and organize raw data into actionable insights by using a well-established framework.


  • I have never conducted a usability test. Is this template still for me?
    Yes, I tried to make this kit as beginner-friendly as possible. Even if you have never conducted a usability test before, the planner resources should be enough to get you started.

  • Is this just a Notion template?
    No. Inside the template, I've included a usability test onboarding, various templates, checklist from start to end, and examples to illustrate how the template functions with actual data.

  • Don't I need to be a designer to conduct a usability test?
    Design experience is helpful, but not a prerequisite. Anyone with the willingness to improve their product's user experience can conduct usability tests.

  • I am a designer. Would I still benefit from this template?
    Yes, even experienced designers can find value in the template's structured approach, designed to streamline usability testing. If you work in a team, the template can facilitate collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding usability testing processes and goals.

  • What types of products can benefit from usability testing?
    Usability testing can benefit a wide range of products, including websites, mobile apps, software applications, e-commerce platforms, physical products with digital interfaces, and more.

  • Can I customize this template?
    Absolutely! In the end, every business is different. You can customize the styling, icons, templates, databases according to your business needs.

  • Is this refundable?
    Due to the nature of digital items, refunds are not accepted.