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10 Best Finance and Budget Notion Templates in 2024

Master Your Finances with Notion: Top Finance and Budget Templates for Effective Money Management

Solt Wagner
Notion Certified Creator
November 7 2023 2:21 PM

In today's fast-paced world, managing personal finances efficiently is crucial for securing a stable financial future. With the rise of digital tools, Notion has emerged as a versatile platform that offers an array of templates, empowering users to streamline and organize their financial matters. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting to take charge of your budget, utilizing Notion finance and budget templates can be a game-changer in your financial management journey.

Top Notion Finance & Budget Templates

Notion Ultimate Finance Board by Solt Wagnernull

Notion Ultimate Finance Board by Solt Wagner

Manage and track your Finance in one place and Take Control of Your Finances with the Notion Ultimate Finance Board Template

Start tracking your incomes, expenses, budgets, and more with this comprehensive Ultimate Finance Board Notion Template today!

✔ Income tracker
✔ Expenses tracker
✔ Accounts management
✔ Category management
✔ Wishlists
✔ Monthly report
✔ Details view

Get it now for $29

Notion Finance Tracker by Easlonull

Notion Finance Tracker by Easlo

The ultimate Notion dashboard to track all your finances

Juggling your finances can feel like a full-time job. Our Notion template makes it easy to manage all your finances in one place.


  • View account balances

  • Generate monthly reports

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Track financial goals

  • Set monthly budgets

  • Monthly view of expenses & incomes

  • Income tracking

  • Expense tracking

  • Subscription tracking

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Notion Budget Tracker by Easlo

Notion Budget Tracker by Easlo

The Best Notion Template for Personal Budget Management

Take control of your finances with this Budget Tracker, a Notion template designed to help you easily set, track, and manage your monthly budget.

Track Your Spending and Master Your Monthly Budgets

The Budget Tracker allows you to set a monthly budget for each category, making it simple to plan and allocate your finances effectively. By keeping track of every expense, you can easily monitor your monthly total spending and remaining budget, ensuring you stay on track and avoid overspending.

Get it now for $9

Notion x Finance by Dave

Notion x Finance by Dave

Take control of your finances.

Notion x Finance has been built to simplify the way you track your cash flow over time, showing how you can improve your money management.

Keeping track of all your daily expenses can be tedious. But at the same time, it's crucial to have a clear view of your expenses to understand how to better spend your money and finally pay off your debts.

Notion x Finance is built to be simple and flexible, to fit everyone's needs. The goal is to track your money, pay off your debts, and reach your financial goals faster.

You just simply have to:

Add a transaction 

Select the payment method 

Your Notion Bank Account balance will be automatically updated.

Thanks to the category relations you just have to take a look to see which expenses eat too much of the pie, reset those expenses, and invest the spared money into effective revenue activities.

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Finance Hub by Hashim | Notion4Management

Finance Hub by Hashim | Notion4Management

Finance Hub is an all in one system built in Notion that lets you easily manage and keep track of your finances.

What you get:

✓ Expense tracking
✓ Income tracking
✓ Subscription tracking
✓ Monthly Budgeting
✓ Monthly Reports
✓ Wish List Tracking
✓ Debt Tracking
✓ Add multiple accounts
✓ Account fund transfers
✓ All-in-one dashboard
✓ Tutorials & documentation
✓ Lifetime access
✓ Updates included

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Ultimate Notion Finance Bundle by Theaccountantguy

Ultimate Notion Finance Bundle by Theaccountantguy

Streamline Your Financial Life: Get 7 Essential Finance Templates in 1 Time-Saving Notion Bundle!

This bundle includes 7 comprehensive finance templates developed by a finance professional in Notion that cover a range of financial planning and tracking needs.

With these templates, you can easily monitor your spending, maintain your debt credit score, create a budget, track savings, and more. Whether you're just starting out with financial planning or are a seasoned investor, this bundle has everything you need to take control of your finances and achieve your goals.

What can you expect from the Notion Finance Hub?

Manage every financial aspect of your life with just these 7 beginner-friendly templates ready to use:

  • Expense Tracker

  • Income Tracker

  • Budget Tracker

  • Debt Tracker

  • Sinking Funds Tracker

  • Bills Tracker

  • Net Worth Tracker

Get it now for $29

Finance & Budget Planner by Jordi

Finance & Budget Planner by Jordi

Notion Finance and Budget Planner

Track your expenses and income, master your budget, and achieve your financial goals with this fully customizable Notion template.

What are the benefits of our template?

Our financial template is designed to be your trusted companion on your financial journey. It simplifies the process of tracking your goals, monitoring expenses, managing income and budget, gaining insights into net worth, and keeping a wishlist for future plans. With this tool, you can confidently navigate your finances, stay on top of your goals, and make informed decisions to achieve your financial aspirations. Let our template be your ally in achieving financial success.

Get it now for $9

Finance Tracker by A Purple Notion

Finance Tracker by A Purple Notion

Manage your finances easily!

This template is all you need to start managing your finances and saving up towards your goal!

What's Included?

  • Income and expense tracker

  • Categorical budgeter

  • Monthly and yearly finance summariser

  • Savings calculator

  • Goal tracker

  • Subscription tracker

  • ... and much more!

Get it now for $7

Notion Finance Tracker for Free by Solt Wagner

Notion Finance Tracker for Free by Solt Wagner

Take Control of Your Finances with this Finance Tracker Notion Template

Stay on top of your financial game with this Finance Tracker Notion template. Designed to simplify your financial management, this template provides a comprehensive solution for tracking your incomes and expenses.

  • Manage Incomes

  • Manage Expenses

  • Monthly Report

  • Easy navigation

  • Quick Actions

  • Clean layout

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Notion Finance Bundle by Easlo

Notion Finance Bundle by Easlo

Elevate your financial management with our exclusive finance bundle made for Notion!

Seeking to improve your financial tracking and reach your financial goals?

Gain immediate access to the best Notion templates, from budgeting and expense tracking to investment management and financial goal setting.

What's included?

Our bundle gives you instant access to the following premium templates:

  • Finance Tracker ($49 value)

  • Investment Tracker ($9 value)

  • 50/30/20 Budget Template ($9 value)

  • Net Worth Tracker ($9 value)

  • Trading Journal ($9 value)

Take advantage of our limited-time offer and get over $85 worth of value for only $59.

Get it now for $59

Unlocking the potential of Notion's array of templates can be a game-changer for anyone seeking to take command of their financial journey. From beginners to seasoned investors, these templates provide a user-friendly interface and customizable features to suit various financial needs.

Join us as we delve into the top 10 Finance and Budget Notion templates in 2023, exploring their features and how they can transform the way you manage your money. Whether you're looking for robust budgeting tools, efficient expense tracking, or insightful investment management, these templates offer a comprehensive solution for all your financial management needs.

Let's dive into the selection of these top 10 Notion templates, designed to elevate your financial organization and efficiency in the new year.

Solt Wagner
Notion Certified Creator
November 7 2023 2:21 PM