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The 20 Best & Free Notion Widgets for 2024 (Aesthetic & Minimal)

Unlock the true potential of your Notion workspace in 2023 with our carefully curated selection of the 20 best and free Notion widgets. If you're searching for Notion templates and widgets that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic minimalism, you've come to the right place.

Solt Wagner
Notion Certified Creator
October 25 2023 1:40 PM

Tailoring your Notion dashboard to match your unique preferences is an incredibly gratifying experience. It's the key to ensuring that your workspace not only functions like a dream but also looks as good as you've envisioned. Notion's web-based architecture opens up a world of possibilities for embedding custom widgets that can supercharge both the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace.

Imagine having daily motivational quotes at your fingertips, the weekly weather forecast for your city, or your favorite Spotify playlist seamlessly integrated into your Notion setup. With an abundance of options available, the possibilities are boundless. In this comprehensive guide, we're here to make your journey into the realm of customized Notion widgets effortless. We've meticulously curated the very best widgets to infuse life and functionality into your workspace, ensuring that every click and glance is a harmonious blend of utility and aesthetics. Welcome to a new era of Notion personalization, where your workspace becomes a true reflection of you.

Aura Aesthetic Gradient Clock Widget

Elevate your Notion dashboard with the Aura Aesthetic Gradient Clock Widget! Experience a burst of vibrant colors that transcends time zones, seamlessly blending into any Notion aesthetic.

Get the Widget here

Aesthetic Flip Clock Widget

Add a modern twist to your Notion workspace with this sleek and nostalgic flip clock widget. Choose between dark or light versions for an effortlessly stylish touch. Enhance your productivity and aesthetics all at once.

Get the Flip Clock Widget here

Retro Clock Widget

Effortlessly add a touch of vintage charm to your Notion pages, while still staying present in the moment.

Get the Retro Clock Widget here

Progress, Time Track, Countdown, Habit, and Goal Tracker Notion Aesthetic Widgets

Upgrade your workspace aesthetics in minutes with Kairo Notion widgets.

Choose from a range of free aesthetic options or upgrade to the paid version for even more color and style choices.

Whether you want to build new habits, track personal goals, or boost time management, these Notion widgets are here to help while adding an extra touch of visual appeal to your workspace.

Get Notion Aesthetics Kairo Widgets here

Notion Weather Widget

Stay ahead of the weather with the Forecast widget. Get the current temperature and a 5-day outlook, so you're always prepared for what's coming.

Get the Notion Weather Widget here

Notion Life Progress Widget

Discover the ultimate time-tracking tool that reveals how much time you have left to live, down to the very last second. It not only calculates your remaining years but breaks it down into days, weeks, months, quarters, and years, empowering you to take control of every precious moment.

Get the Life Progress Widget here

Water Tracker Widget

Stay hydrated with our water tracker widget, right next to your Notion to-do list!

Unlock the power of progress with our analytics widget and watch yourself level up over time.

Get the Water Tracker Widget here

Minimal Digital Clock Widget

Level up your Notion Workspace with a sleek, minimal digital clock.

Get the Digital Clock Widget here

Minimal Analog and Digital Clock Notion Widget

Supercharge your Notion Workspace with a sleek digital and analog clock combo.

Get the Analog and Digital Clock Widget here

Notion Habit Tracker Widget

Want to create a new habit? No problem! Our habit tracker widget has your back. Create any habit, watch the list refresh daily, and enjoy ticking them off again

But here's the coolest part: our streak chart. To keep that fiery streak going, you've got to tick off 100% of your habits every single day. Let's do this!

Get the Habit Tracker Widget here

Promodoro Notion Widget

Master your time with the feature-packed Blocs Pomodoro widget.

Create task-specific presets and unleash your productivity. Plus, track your time effortlessly with Pomodoro analytics!

Get the Promodoro Widget here

Google Analytics Notion Widget

Enhance your Notion workspace by seamlessly embedding Google Analytics, gaining invaluable insights into website performance. Track visitor metrics effortlessly within Notion, optimizing your online strategy with the "Embed Google Analytics in your Notion workspace" feature.

Get the Google Analytics Widget here

Notion Calendar Widget

While Notion does provide calendars and other features, I personally find a small calendar widget on my home screen to be incredibly useful. It gives me a quick overview of the days and helps me stay organized.

Get the Simple Notion Calendar Widget here

StudyWithMe Promodoro Notion Timer Widget

Prepare yourself to elevate your productivity with the visually captivating Studio Ghibli-themed aesthetic Notion Pomodoro timer widget! With a selection of 12 different themes, you can find the perfect design that aligns with your style and preferences.

This widget also features an alert system offering three distinct sound options, ensuring you stay focused and on track without missing a beat. Furthermore, you have the freedom to set your own intervals for working, enabling you to personalize the Pomodoro Technique according to your unique needs.

Get the Promodoro Timer Widget here

Weather Notion Widget The Ultimate Weather Widget in 27 Languages!

Discover the power of, the most comprehensive and customizable weather widget on the market. With a wide range of options including over a dozen themes, 20 font styles, and custom colorations for each weather icon, you can create a personalized weather experience like no other.

Get the Weather Widget here

Notion Weather Widgetbox Widget

Stay informed without cluttering your page. Get crisp weather updates with the Weather Square widget.

Get the Weather Widget here

Google Calendar Notion Widget

Supercharge your productivity with Indify's Google Calendar widget for Notion.

Tired of switching between apps? Now, seamlessly integrate your Google Calendar schedule into your Notion workspace.

Effortlessly stay on top of your upcoming events and appointments without missing a beat. Customize the widget to display all the essential details like dates, times, locations, and more. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps—streamline your workflow with ease.

Get the Google Calendar Widget here

Stripe Notion Widget

Elevate your Notion workspace by seamlessly integrating Stripe, a powerful tool for online payments. Embed Stripe effortlessly within Notion, streamlining your financial operations and enhancing transaction capabilities directly in your workspace.

Get the Notion Stripe Widget here

Card Notion Widget

Do you feel that linear text alone doesn't convey enough information? Boost user engagement by incorporating cards!

Create fully customizable cards to showcase your social media profiles, digital or physical products, or any other relevant information.

Get the Card Widget here

Call to Action Button Notion Widget

Ditch those boring text links on your Notion pages. Add vibrant buttons with eye-catching colors and gradients. Create powerful call-to-action buttons effortlessly. Let design speak volumes and captivate the world.

Get the Button Notion Widget here

Solt Wagner
Notion Certified Creator
October 25 2023 1:40 PM